Hi Royals! it has been a very challenging couple of weeks for my writing, having expirienced the famous “writer’s block”. Thank God I am back now with lots of positive emotions for my exquisite audience.

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Recently I meet someone that got me thinking about how much effort I put into not wanting to be single. Over time I have come to understand that the Ideology of being single for a young adult especially female in Nigeria seems almost like a taboo.

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One of the 1st things that intrigued me in legal practice is the strict adherence to dress code. Considering my passion for fashion, this set off a lot of light bulbs in my head.  There is a popular saying; “dress, as you like to be addressed”. This is very important in various professions, especially in the legal profession. Lawyers are held in very high esteem dating as far back as the biblical ages. Therefore it is important that also by appearance such prestige is upheld.

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