TRUST GOD, TRUST YOURSELF (sequel to “The Prologue”)

The understanding of why men marry bitches in society is generally misconstrued, and also gradually getting out of hand. I guess that’s why many marriages tend not to last in our generation. I understand that men are hunters and like to work for what they get at least this applies to the hard working ones. However this theory in relation to love seems very unfair to men and women. I get the thrill of hunting down a babe like a prey till you finally get a slice of her cake. That sounds more relatable to the animalistic expression of hunting. However in terms of love there is nothing wrong with both parties putting in the work to make their relationship work. In fact this through God’s grace is the only way you can ensure a sustainable and enjoyable relationship.

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The concept of love is one that has not truly been assimilated by Humans. We often trivialise how much power love actually has and how important it is in fuelling life and society at large.

Love is the most powerful weapon in life and its antidote, itself. When harnessed wrongly it could be very destructive but when properly understood and effectively utilised, it brings life in all scenes of it.

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