People often ask if I’m a feminist like it’s a tag to know how to categorize you. When asked by some men I can literarily feel their eagerness to judge my ability to be a submissive wife, When asked by women is a mixed reaction. Some judge your ability to be submissive while others judge you loyalty to the woke women association of the world. Nevertheless, when these questions come, I often reply “I’m a humanist, not in the sense of those that don’t believe in God.” On the contrary my believe in God; and the beauty of His creation teaches me that everyone is entitled to be loved and respected for everything that makes us diverse, unique and still so alike. I believe we are created differently for different purposes and those purposes should be celebrated individually 

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So It’s A Man’s World?

So it’s a man’s world?

How odd to hear

Yet seemingly so

So it’s a man’s world?

She works in fear

Something afraid to say no

But it’s God’s world 

To succeed she dares

And fashionably so

Indeed It’s God’s world 

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