People often ask if I’m a feminist like it’s a tag to know how to categorize you. When asked by some men I can literarily feel their eagerness to judge my ability to be a submissive wife, When asked by women is a mixed reaction. Some judge your ability to be submissive while others judge you loyalty to the woke women association of the world. Nevertheless, when these questions come, I often reply “I’m a humanist, not in the sense of those that don’t believe in God.” On the contrary my believe in God; and the beauty of His creation teaches me that everyone is entitled to be loved and respected for everything that makes us diverse, unique and still so alike. I believe we are created differently for different purposes and those purposes should be celebrated individually 

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A New Chapter

2018 feels just like yesterday, the year did run fast and just like I did on the 31st morning of 2017, today  I woke up reflecting on the past year. I even went through the cross over post “End of A chapter” reflecting on how I applied the lessons I learnt form the year before and the possibilities the new year holds for me.

The past few nights leading to today came with a lot of mixed feelings. 2018 was a very intense year for me, it was the year of building the right foundations in terms of my Spirituality, Career, Business, Physical health and of course my Emotional health. I would be lying if I say that it has been a walk in the park, but I must say that in setting the right foundation in the last year, I have experienced grace that has enabled me dig and set these foundations in place. However in the process of digging you find that more often than not, you are covered in dirt and although you might not be seeing the skyscraper yet, you can see the ground on which it will stand; in the consciousness that the true architect of life has already designed your master piece estate. The ability to venture through this trying process is what I define as Hope and Faith.

Were there times in the year where I panicked about the future? –Yes!

Before one embarks on the journey of building a foundation, there is most likely an idea what the final result of the structure you aim to build will look like, this enables you know the kind of foundation to build -The higher the building, the deeper the foundation. Sometimes I found myself getting anxious over the thought of the final result when all I could see physically was the earth going further beneath as opposed to blocks coming up. Times like that can make you feel like your not making any progress, you find that your spending a lot of time and resources and you still can’t quite see results; I’m taking all these notes but I still haven’t successfully written a chapter in the book. To be honest this brought about a lot of anxiety and panic, but as the year comes to an end I began to see that I had achieved more that I thought. Through God’s grace, I had built a solid foundation to take the skyscraper. I understood that there is a time for everything; a time to sew, a time to groom and a time to harvest; a time to dig; a time to built and even a time to furnish.

Were there certain goals I set but could not meet? -Yes!

Just like my last point, due to my anxiety there were times I set goals out of time. There were times I wanted to build on lands without setting a foundation and I achieved nothing. I learnt that you cannot cheat the process, a foundation must be built 1st and I did not fail to achieve my goals for the year, but I did set goals ahead of time. As I reflect on this now, I am filled with gratitude; as those moments and goals where only in preparation for the years to come, they were visionary and not a lack of achievement and I am excited to see them start materialising in the new year.

Were there certain foundations that did not take? -Yes!

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t build without setting a foundation; and the higher a building goes the deeper its foundation. Yes there are times when we try to plant the right seeds in a land that cannot accommodate it, the climate might be wrong for your seeds/ plants or the soil not just right. It is important to know when a land will not take and move on. I learnt that when you fail to pay attention to the foundation you set and you go ahead to build, you might find that the building would come crumbling down on you. It is better to know early which land can take the buildings you’ve set for your future, those that can hold your dreams and aspirations and are solid enough to materialise with you. It was one of the most important lessons I learnt that although something might look nice, rich and desirable, it is always important that when that thing is put to the test, we are careful to observe and realise wether it keeps you rooted or if it lacks stability.

Were there times I felt like giving up? -Yes!

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