It feels like Christmas again!

As a child, Christmas in England was always such an exceptional experience. You could literally smell the excitement in the air; or maybe it was just the good old British frosty air. 

The experience didn’t change at all when I first moved for school. It was the usual Family reunions, Church celebrations, presents, binge watching Christmas movies, music, dancing, lots of food and drinks; my favourite was rum cake, and the eventual Partying with friends. 

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People often ask if I’m a feminist like it’s a tag to know how to categorize you. When asked by some men I can literarily feel their eagerness to judge my ability to be a submissive wife, When asked by women is a mixed reaction. Some judge your ability to be submissive while others judge you loyalty to the woke women association of the world. Nevertheless, when these questions come, I often reply “I’m a humanist, not in the sense of those that don’t believe in God.” On the contrary my believe in God; and the beauty of His creation teaches me that everyone is entitled to be loved and respected for everything that makes us diverse, unique and still so alike. I believe we are created differently for different purposes and those purposes should be celebrated individually 

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My Deepest desire is God. He is the love of my life

Often we tend to put our needs and desires above God and it is a very sensitive struggle that all humans face; we can’t deny. So this is what I do and I think it will help you also.

Because God is the I AM, you can add anything to his name and He is that. He is not limited to anything. So why not fill your deepest desires in Him and let Him be that to you in every situation. As your needs change, He can fit in all changing situations, remaining the unchanged I AM.

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