People often ask if I’m a feminist like it’s a tag to know how to categorize you. When asked by some men I can literarily feel their eagerness to judge my ability to be a submissive wife, When asked by women is a mixed reaction. Some judge your ability to be submissive while others judge you loyalty to the woke women association of the world. Nevertheless, when these questions come, I often reply “I’m a humanist, not in the sense of those that don’t believe in God.” On the contrary my believe in God; and the beauty of His creation teaches me that everyone is entitled to be loved and respected for everything that makes us diverse, unique and still so alike. I believe we are created differently for different purposes and those purposes should be celebrated individually 

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Tales by moonlight
Where tales of a land
Integrated in culture before the fights
And for my beloved country
We’ve since not welcomed sunlight

The darkness remains
and the sweet tales told at moonlight No longer rains
Lost in the entombment Of darkness
the only colours we see are shades of red from blood shed;
through tribes and cultures
Losing them all in selfish pleasures
Hope for the glimpse of a twilight in my dark country

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One of the 1st things that intrigued me in legal practice is the strict adherence to dress code. Considering my passion for fashion, this set off a lot of light bulbs in my head.  There is a popular saying; “dress, as you like to be addressed”. This is very important in various professions, especially in the legal profession. Lawyers are held in very high esteem dating as far back as the biblical ages. Therefore it is important that also by appearance such prestige is upheld.

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