About ASJ

In 2010 the dream began, covering three major aspects of  life; Career, Business and Ministry/family. For years I was constantly made aware of; and challenged in; these specific areas. As a result, we began writing on word press by 2014, made an attempt at starting a clothing line in England, all while studying my bachelors in law. This is how the contents of ASJ were born. ASJ is an abbreviation for Anari Sam Jaja, it is my story, journey, observation, expression and brand.

ASJ fashion is fashion that tells a story. The ASJ look reflects the identity of young men and women with purpose, ambition and a story to share. It is a novel artistic concept that interprets fashion as an emotional expression, by merging literature and fashion designing.

ASJ is no Ordinary Human, it’s a journey to the creation of the Ideal Human Concept, being who we are all called to be taking into consideration our individually unique features and compounds.

ASJ Law, explores my ambition into the legal career, we seek for ways to transcend stereotypes in the legal profession, and intend to prove that there is no limit to the height and spread of success we can achieve in all spheres of life, using the law as a worthy pedestal.

As you walk this journey with me I hope you are inspired to be the best version of yourself also.

Founder ASJ

Anari Sam Jaja