Life sometimes can really feel like a lot.
It is so true that when we sit back to think things through, we find that we have so much to be grateful to God for. Still, sometimes even in the midst of all the goodness, we have to face certain realities that threaten our joy.

There are times when everything in your life seems to be taking shape and all of a sudden, you’re engulfed by the rush of panic, replaying scenes from past experiences when your joy had prematurely been taken from you. (Past reflections)

Or when a part of your life seems perfectly fine and some others a struggle, and as you’re torn between emotions of joy and sadness; You find yourself tilting towards the negativity. (Present Realities)

We often tend to allow ugly moments cast dark shadows over the beautiful parts of our lives that have been illuminated by God’s grace.
It is important to understand that in life there is always a constant battle between light and darkness, happiness and sadness, or good and bad.

This is what forms the balance of life. You must have bad times to help you appreciate the good times. What determines our mental state is what we choose to rest our minds on. When you only keep focus on the negatives, you’ll find that you take your blessings for granted or always looking for a negative turn on the great things that surrounds you. At which point you fail to enjoy the great things and moments in your life.

It is therefore essential to note that when you focus on God and all His good works in your life, even when you face life’s challenges, you can trust in His grace to illuminate your path as you walk through dark valleys. His Light, Hope, Love and your Trust in Him will guide you to harness and enjoy the full potentials of your joy and blessings, even as they grow greater and stronger, equipping you with the testimonies to conquer the challenges that come.

Pray and speak against things you do not want, as you consciously try to avoid them and then focus, meditate and act on things you do want. There would always be ups and downs, good days and bad days, but it is important to always feed the good.

Needless to say there are situations that are toxic and life threatening. Once you find that you may be losing yourself or your life, in a particular situation, the best thing to do in the light of positivity, I believe is to leave that situation to protect yourself from drowning in the negativity that situation brings.

One of the greatest gifts one can posses, is the gift of finding a positive balance in life. I pray everyday to perfect balancing my mental and emotional energy.

Prayer/ Meditation, being in a state of Zen and talking to someone that truly cares about you always helps. No man is an island and finding this balance is something we all struggle with.

*Always Remember* No one can close the door that God has opened for you. God knows your journey. Stay trusting in Him; consistently hoping for and achieving the best life you can live.


Thanks for walking this journey with me love ASJ

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