I think I heard you say I love you

So many things about you seemed wrong
If I had to judge I would have lost you
Always longing for love so strong
But I almost didn’t recognise you

Then you layed your head on my shoulder
To hold and support you
In your moving box sat you and I sober
And then our fingers touched
A rush of cool breeze sending me to slumber
My heart was locked
To love songs that’ll never leave my Mind
We danced all night on lovers cloud

But on your heart stood another
Binding you with the chains of time
Who could have kept my love away
And like teargas each time released
Suffocates the fresh breath of true love .

feeling so trapped by my love for you
Eager to escape, hoping to find something new
But still not willing to let another have you

And so I stand
Comforted by your love
Encouraged by time.
Armed by distance
Protected by tradition
Just when I thought I had enough reasons to hold on

I think I heard you say I love you.

Thanks for walking this journey with me love ASJ

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