I was inspired by myself to create these princess looks, my attraction to fairy tales and awareness of my royal background, plays a major role in my obsession with evening gowns and traditional concepts of fashion. In this light I created 5 piece reflecting various arms of my personality, and named taking different parts of my full name:



Princess Ann

She’s a two piece cord lace skirt and Bell sleeved jacket.

She’s simple, interactive and still very elegant.

She’s down to earth and cherishes fun moments with those she loves.

Princess Naya!

She’s a floral patterned 2 piece, worn with a skirt or wrapper.

she showcases her African essence and her artistic Nature.

She expresses her creativity in two forms.

1. A gracious flamboyant royal expression.

2. A wild, raw and intense expression

Princess Ri

She’s a short lace ball gown, strong, confident, sexy and cute.

She’s a self believer and wants to explore and discover her world.

She’s in search of her truth and how she can influence her world.

She desires her freedom of self expression.

Princess Wana!

She’s an embellished wool red carpet dress.

Glitz and Glam are her vices.

Her most intimate desire is to bee seen and adored by the world.

She’s ambitious and richly stoned, yet with the warmest heart that feel like wool.

Princess Bo!

She’s a lovely gold and white lace bridal dress, that tells the story of a woman eager to find her true love.

She has a simple but yet rich style, she’s silky and driven by her desire for true love and intimacy

ASJ will subsequently introduce limited ready to wear expressive pieces for sale, these pieces will cater both male and female clients. however, we still provide bespoke expressive pieces for your special occasions, or just when you fill like it. In other to achieve this certain information will be taken upon consultation. Just follow these steps.

  1. follow ASJ Mode on instagram
  2. drop a direct message, email or call
  3. book an appointment
  4. a convenient date will be given to interact with our costumer representative.
  5. After consultation, a deposit is made and the dress making process begins
  6. dress fitting
  7. collection.

Thank you for being a part of the Novelty of ASJ MODE.

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