End of a Chapter

Wow Wow Wow! it is the last day of the year 2017 and this year has been very eventful for me. so much has happened this year in my life most especially this last quarter, that as I wake up this morning and go through the events of this year, I can only be grateful to God for all the blessings, the lessons and the growth so far.

In 2017 God thought me these things and more:

  1. Patience – I found myself and family in a position that I was quite unfamiliar with, but never the less we kept our trust in God and worked hard and consistently and just in the last few days, the rewards started to spring forth
  2.  Success – As you know I was at the Nigerian Law School this year, and frankly this project in my self development was not a walk in the park. It came with all forms of mental strain, some form of emotional imbalance, self doubts and much more. However God was consistently ensuring me that in other to be successful, I must push pass all the limitations that appear before me and constantly work hard with faith and I would conquer. I am glad to say that today I am a barrister of the Supreme Court Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
  3. Love – I realised that although I can be proud and protective of myself, I have the power to bring healing to the lives of people I meet because of how much love I carry. I realise that the world we live in is one where people do not understand, or might have lost the knowledge of this kind of love. However God keeps a few of us out here to show the world that this love does exist and he still loves us even more.
  4. Self worth – for the past 7 years of my life I have experienced so much that has formed part of the breaking and remoulding of the woman I am. The beginning of this process was primed with an immense uncertainty of my identity and as time went by I grew to understand who I was and  the day to day execution of my purpose. However this has come with some challenges, for instance people trying to take advantage of kindness, with people showing disappointment with the fact that one could show vulnerability in other to give others comfort, in people’s inability to appreciate your worth and blessings in their lives. However I have learnt against all odds that although the world has a lot of negativity and unhappiness, I must continue to bring joy, love and happiness and in order not to lose this identity of mine, I must understand the greatness in me and fuel myself with those that see, appreciate and treasure such greatness; only then will I be strong enough to heal the world that lacks same. One can only give what they have, therefore if you do not consume positivity you cannot give positivity. It is the circle of life. We should always understand that we only deserve what we can give. If you give love and positivity that is exactly what you deserve nothing less for you to continue to give same; if you give hurt and negativity unfortunately that is what you would receive and that is all you will be able to give. You can start to change the pattern of your life by learning how to receive love and positivity so that you may be able to give same.
  5. Growth – As I write this, I am also preparing new strategies on how to develop myself and transform my world. I must live my foot print in the sands of time and one moment at a time, one day at a time, one month at a time, one year at a time; I shall evolve and the effect would be seen all around me 


Today Is a day of self evaluation. Cut off all negative energy and attack the new year with Love, Faith, Hope and Positivity.


Thank you  as you walk this journey with me.

With Love, ASJ.

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