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The Reality of The Broom and The Umbrella In National Politics.


The umbrella is used to protect one from the rain. In politics I would qualify the umbrella to represent protecting the people as well as giving power to the people (against rainy days) as the slogan of the umbrella implies. However, despite the odds of being in power for over 16 years of democratic civilian rule what impacts did it make on the socio-economic and political spectrum of the country Nigeria? In my candid opinion, Its pertinent to note that based on empirical evidence the level of impunity experienced under the past immediate administration of the PDP, the internal jostling within the party to favour personal interest rather than public interest, the characters that are shown in the umbrella doesn’t command confidence of protecting public interest (as you can judge a book by its cover). In all the negativity, the umbrella earned major mileage under the first administration between 1999-2007 as we saw major investments in the Telecom Industry that changed the fortunes and standards of Nigeria, we also saw the establishing of major anti-graft agencies to oversee financial mismanagement and impropriety etc. Meanwhile, the driver of this administration abandoned the PDP to be a states man.

The broom indicates cleanliness and tidiness and I have seen such reflections in the mode of governance of the broom revolution. No other past Nigerian President has received acolytes from the International community in respect to foreign policy, engagement and investment like President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) even as he only clocks one year of the most coveted position as the leader of the most populous black Nation. The fight against corruption which has settled so deep with all fabrics of the Nigerian society its now been confronted with all sense of political will and as much as commentators have signified that the fight is selective I tend to disagree and of the candid opinion that the fight is multi faceted as anybody who falls a victim would be severely punished as even the foot soldiers of this administration are threading carefully rather than as kings that the umbrella always portrayed them as. In relation to security, there is enormous evidence that the broom revolution has confronted Boko Haram and reduced their capacity to hoist their flags and premature bombings that we experienced very commonly under the immediate past administration of the umbrella. This is a major mileage that adds efficacy to cleanliness and tidiness that the broom represents in relation to sweeping away boko haram from their strong havens. Also, despite the military background of the President representing the broom he has considerably shown he’s belief as a democrat by respecting separations of power in the discharge of he’s duty as other arms of government are all in their hands and not puppets of the executive as always been under the umbrella leadership.

As the citizenry feels the government is clueless in terms of the economy hardship Nigerians are feeling but I would only advocate for patience, as the 2016 budget when implemented would be the game changer and indeed positive change for the betterment of society and humanity.

No struggle comes without pain and it’s a process not an event.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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  1. I agree with you that as a nation we are in a process of tidiness which will be of some sort of advantage and disadvantage pending on which area one sees it. And remember nothing good comes easy, they seems to be a shift from how easy one could pull out and become an overnight rich man to working extremely hard now to attain that status, we are in a system of getting clean and doing it properly, if you find yourself in a position of wealth in Nigeria now, better be a multitasker so you don’t get poor because the system is getting very tight and the loose ends are being changed with newer screws making the drive longer but at the end better and smoother. No Government is perfect except the Government of Heaven so I will urge all as Nigerians to exercise some level of patience and speak positive about our nation. Anari keep it up 👍 kudos ❤️

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