I am a young woman discovering my path through life. With every step I take through this journey, I discover that in other to better understand my purpose in life, I must understand my essence as a woman and as a human being. In understanding and embracing this, I discover that my character is sharpened and I am able to influence my world more positively.

From being a little girl and growing into the young woman I am today, I have had various experiences that has helped form my current identity; However, I must add most importantly that it has been God’s guidance, (even as He has allowed me go through various phases) that caused me to understand and accept the various lessons life teaches me; in other to further discover my identity and purpose.

Through this medium I intend to help young and even more mature women and men, understand the true essence of Humanity. Society has caused women to be seen as second class beings, the weaker sex, etc. and in return, this has caused several young girls and women to react or respond in ways that are out of character. Some of such reactions involve “being overly defensive” or “being timid”. As women we must learn to strike the right balance between being submissive and yet being strong (like Esther in the bible), ensuring that we may take our rightful place in society.

Society has also created specific stereotypes for men painting them as unemotional, pretentious cheats, that must also be superior to women. It is important that in order to take the right steps in furthering the course of humanity, certain stereotype must be disregarded. Not all men are the same in their strengths or their faults just as no human has a duplicate. Giving one a label subconsciously encourages them to act same. It takes self awareness, self discipline and self control for one to break out of certain preconceptions.

I would be making references to some personal experiences and that of various women and men (anonymously). I would be referencing the bible as well as various articles and books in my findings.

I pray this page would be a source of inspiration and all  personal testimonials and questions through comments or through my direct email are highly welcome.

(for more private testimonials/questions feel free to send and email or send a direct message to instagram account @asjwrites).

Thank you very much as you walk this journey with me.

With Love, ASJ.

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Thanks for walking this journey with me love ASJ

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