So It’s A Man’s World?

So it’s a man’s world?

How odd to hear

Yet seemingly so

So it’s a man’s world?

She works in fear

Something afraid to say no

But it’s God’s world 

To succeed she dares

And fashionably so

Indeed It’s God’s world 

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My Deepest desire is God. He is the love of my life

Often we tend to put our needs and desires above God and it is a very sensitive struggle that all humans face; we can’t deny. So this is what I do and I think it will help you also.

Because God is the I AM, you can add anything to his name and He is that. He is not limited to anything. So why not fill your deepest desires in Him and let Him be that to you in every situation. As your needs change, He can fit in all changing situations, remaining the unchanged I AM.

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